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Friday, October 18 2019 @ 03:21 AM CDT

Motorola Droid Razr


Looking at Verizon's new Motorola Droid Razr, it's hard not to reminisce the first device to bear the Razr badge. The first Motorola Razr came out in late 2004 it was the thinnest phone on the market. Ever. And by the end of 2006 it was an amazing success with over 50 million sales.

The original brought a new level of portability to technology. People were astonished by its amazing size and more than satisfied with its feature set. I would mark this as the first time the market chose to stand behind a consumer phone. The great news is that the Motorola Droid Razr has all the redeeming qualities of it ancestors and more.

I find it admirable that Motorola, like Apple, have remained steadfast in their philosophy. The Droid Razr is a handsome device and the build quality is astonishing for a phone that is not even as thick as a No.2 pencil . The true question remains to be seen whether Motorola's choice to carry on their Razr philosophy and name will render them success in the already competitive cell phone market.


And in a competitive market, it take a lot to truly impress. You can bet that Droid's build is impressive. The gorilla glass front with a 4.3in AMOLED screen is large enough to be a bathroom mirror. Its Kevlar backing, and metal bezel are not things that all phones can claim. Consider it's overall "Razr" thin form and you can be sure the first thing by standers will say is "Wow! Its so sturdy for such a thin phone!"

But of course hardware is about whats inside and with the Droid Razr it really ish hard to get over its looks long enough to consider anything else. Droid Razr's is very well speced, you would be hard pressed to find a phone that has more crammed into it. It sports hardware for Verizon's new 4g LTE network that can switch to 3g as well. It has 16gb of internal storage and with the included 16gb card you get tons of storage. Also notable is the 8 MP back camera with LED good for 1080 movies as well. Somehow they also fit 2MP front display for video chats can do 720p. The processor is a 1.2 GHz dual core power house and it will drive an HDMI output.

To be honest the list could really keep going on for another couple paragraphs. The true fact is there is little left to be wanted in the Droid Razr. When it comes to hardware it really truly has it and for something so densely packed it doesn’t feel as hefty as you would suspect. Which is, in my mind, always a good thing.


When phones with large 4.3 inches first came out many people dubbed them "hummer phones" because they were by far the largest phones they have seen since black and white flip phones. The name they were dubbed not only had a hint of irony but it eluded to the fact that it was devolution for a phone to get larger. The Droid Razr fixes this problem.

It has the benefit of a large screen without any of its heft. This is a great thing. I am finally able to enjoy a fulfilling experience without suffering from a bulge in the pocket. The Droid's AMOLED screen affords it some cool benefits like a higher contrast ratio and better battery life. AMOLED displays are usual to Samsung phones but the colors and tones fit well with the stealthy spy like noir of the Razr.

Software and camera

The Droid Razr is equipped with Android Gingerbread version 2.3. But not all Android phones are made equal. When it comes to the Razr, it is very apparent that both Motorola and Verizon have invested heavily into making sure that there is plenty of software integration out of the box.

Verizon's apps improve the questions people always ask. Placed on the first space a highly convenient Verizon data counter. Very important since 4g speeds make browsing and watching videos so easy you are even more likely to do it. This is also handy if the Razr is being used to share it's 4g connection. Other Verizon add-ons like its back-up add on are nice touches that will help main stream users back up their important data when switching from phone to phone.

Motorola exclusive features like Motocast and its integration with Motoactiv make the Droid Razr experience feel complete. With Motocast I can listen to music stored in my computer off the Droid Razr and even save it for offline access. Features like these are the icing on the three layer cake that is the Droid Razr.

The Droid Razr camera isn't great but it does launch faster than most other Droids. With enough light the 8 megapixels can create some great pictures. Even in low light the quality is sufficient for web use. The camera also does 1080p video and with flash and autofocus, this phone is not lacking in features at all.

Is it life proof?

We could talk about specs all day. The Droid Razr is chock full of amazing hardware and software. If these components don’t end up in an intuitive package for the end user, they are useless. I use the Razr in tandem with my iPhone 4s for a week and used just the Droid for 3 days to get an accurate experience of what owning a Droid Razr is like.

To start off, I love the features that Motorola, Google, and Verizon have crammed into the Razr. There was never a time where I would have to reach for my iPhone. The Droid simply did it all and at times better. The large display was great when browsing the web or watching Netflix. The truth is at the end of the day even as an experienced user I start to forget what company or account has my information. Am I using the Android music app right now? Am I in the Motorola Music app? Who has a backup of my data Verizon or Google and why are they both vying for my information.

The confusing of data location is a small set back and something more daily users would never consider. What most people would relate to daily when using the Droid Razr is its battery life. Which is not excellent but is absolutely good enough for the average person. I was able to get almost an entire day out of the Droid most of the time which is surprising better than what other reviewers were getting.

The Razr Lapdock

The Razr Lapdock is a neat peripheral made for the phone. Without the phone it is nothing but a screen and a keyboard. When you dock the Razr, it becomes a full featured laptop. You can browse the web, edit documents, and even answer emails and messages on the Razr. The best part is that it also charges your battery while doing all of this. Considering all of this is in a fairly thin and light package people who carry laptops to do simple tasks should consider the lapdock as a strong replacement for it.

Final Words

Using the Droid Razr is like having a high end super tuned sports car for a week. The Droid Razr is fast, it made out of strong light weight materials, and is chock full of high end features. In the same way it speed and power makes it a power guzzling machine.
It feels great holding something solid, well built, and beautiful at the same time for once. Android and Motorola have finally gotten to the point where they can bring competitive features with the same level of shock and awe value as an iPhone.

Bottom line: If you want a high tech phone with a super spy look, look no further.  Pick up the Verizon Droid Razr.


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